Food Hygiene

Food Hygiene

Why is a Food Safety Certificate Important?

This Food Safety Certificate course is aimed at staff and employers working in an environment where food is stored, prepared, handled and served and gives an appreciation of the fundamentals of good food safety and hygiene practices. The course has been accurately translated in to several different languages. The Food Safety Certificate provides proof that a person has achieved the required level of knowledge to handle food in the workplace.

Food Hygiene Certificate for Employers, the benefits

All food businesses must comply with food safety regulations and government standards. Obtaining access to e-learning that provides employees is a convenient method for employers to manage food hygiene and safety training effectively and ensure food hygiene certificates are up to date. An employer will also have assurance that their food handling staff has received appropriate food safety training.

All staff working in food preparation or service are required to obtain food a safety food safety certificate. Your Safety Bug e learning provides valuable information about safe food storage temperatures, preparation procedures, reducing the risk of food contamination and much more.

The e-learning accredited food safety certificate provided at Safety Bug meets UK/EU Legal Requirements and matches the training syllabus used by the CIEH and RSPH. This ensures that all employees have the appropriate level of knowledge required to handle food.

Benefits of a Food Hygiene Certificate for Employees

A food safety certificate demonstrates that an employee has obtained detailed knowledge to prepare and handle open food safely. The food safety certificate is suitable for; chefs, cooks, kitchen assistants, home caterers and/or mobile catering businesses. Obtaining this food safety certificate ensures that learners have achieved the required pass mark on subjects which include cross contamination, safe storage, cooking, reheating, hot holding and cleaning.

The Database

Learners can to log in out and undertake the training at a time that suits them. The Safety Bug Training management data base keeps precise track of progress. Employers can access the data base to view learners progress and will automatically receive copies of the food safety certificate when the learner has completed all the modules and tests.

The accredited food hygiene certificates, awarded by Safety Bug, are CPD certified written by qualified food safety inspectors and experienced trainers.

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