Essentials Of Food Hygiene

Essentials of food hygiene

Food hygiene training and food safety are scientific disciplines describing and teaching preparation, handling, and storage of food in ways that prevent food borne illness.

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The course is accurately translated in to several different languages including English.

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Always Updating

Further content and languages always being added to enhance learners enjoyment.

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Official Content

Course content is accredited and follows CIEH and RSPH UK teaching Syllabus

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For all food industries

Can be used for any industry sector where food is handled, prepared, packaged and distributed.

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Experienced Knowledge

The course is written by industry food safety specialists and food safety inspection officers with over 30 years food industry and local authority experience.

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Database of Progress

There is a free administrators data base to allow viewing of the learners progress.

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Upgradable Admin Rights

Further administrators can be added (the boss the supervisor the factor manager and so on).

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Print Your Qualification

Certificates are issued instantly upon successful completion of the course…. no need to wait for the post.

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Full Security

Copies of Certificates are issued to named administrators as well as the learner. This offers traceability, security and peace of mind.

Why do you need a Level 2 Food Safety Certificate