High-Quality Minimum-Level Certification for Your Food Production Team

  • A corporate solution to the challenge of training your large and diverse team of employees
  • Prevent dangerous incidents from happening on your business premises
  • Oversee your employees’ progress in food safety training
  • Maintain the highest quality of product and service in your company
  • Ensure your staff are qualified to handle food products properly
  • Reach your goals of improving food hygiene and safety practices across your entire company
  • Get food safety training certificates fast for all of your employees
  • Provide adequate food safety training in multiple languages at once
  • Take advantage of the best training methods and materials available to certify your team to mandatory Level 2 Food Safety
  • Train your staff with the flexibility and convenience of e-learning
  • Save money by choosing Safety Bug Training, the affordable and accessible food safety training course
  • Attain the minimum level of food safety training required for both employees and employers

Online e-Learning Course

  • Our most popular course at Safety Bug Training, the Food Hygiene Level 2 course is CPD-accredited and available in a convenient online format
  • Users can log in as many times as they need, allowing them to learn at their own pace and test their knowledge with quizzes
  • This online e-learning course includes a free user-friendly database that enables you to track learner progress, monitor training and retain and issue usernames, passwords and copies of certificates
  • Certification is instant upon completion of the course
  • The online e-learning course in Food Safety training is available in 28 languages
  • The course matches the syllabus of CIEH and RSPH courses
  • Safety Bug Training’s courses are written by expert food safety inspectors and trainers
  • Online access to the course is fast and secure

Offline e-Learning Course: Safety Bug Offline

  • The ideal solution for training employees who cannot easily access the internet
  • Users can log in as many times as they need, allowing them to learn at their own pace and test their knowledge with quizzes
  • Choose from multiple language options to educate your employees
  • Multiple users can access the offline e-learning course
  • Connects to any wired or wi-fi device, including iPads, tablets, laptops and PCs
  • The Safety Bug Offline e-learning course grants access to the administrator database, allowing you to save and print certificates and track progress

Team Trainer

  • Safety Bug takes offline training a step further with Team Trainer, a keypad response system that includes all the features of our online e-learning course
  • Allow your staff to get a Food Hygiene Level 2 certificate, even if they don’t have reliable internet access
  • Safety Bug allows you to maintain corporate oversight over your employees’ learning progress, even without internet access
  • Get instant feedback and reports in English about your employees’ learning progress — no matter which language they take the course in
  • Our user-friendly keypad system simplifies course navigation

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